3D measurements at EURO-WELD

On the market since 2003.

DATE 09/11/2022

EURO-WELD is pleased to announce the purchase and usege of the robotic total station Leica TS16 P 1” R1000 and Spazial Analyzer software.

The Leica TS16 P 1” R1000 is a self-learning total station, 3D scanning, automatically adjusting to any environmental conditions and accurately measuring key parameters.

Thanks to Leica robotic station and Spatial Analyzer EURO-WELD is able to execute:

  • geometrical inspection of very complicated pipelines according to isometric drawing
  • adherence to the dimensions of large steel structures requested in the documentation
  • coordination of the trace geometry on materials

Automation of complex operations allows us to improve measurement and inspection efficiencies, keep high quality of our products and match measurements to customer requirements. Big constructions and sophisticated equipment is no longer an issue in terms of mapping dimensions and distances.