Westinghouse and Bechtel Supplier Symposium – AP1000 Power Plant

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DATE 23/09/2021

Polish nuclear programme

We are pleased to announce that EURO-WELD will participate in the Westinghouse & Bechtel Symposium for Suppliers – Power Plant AP1000® Polish Nuclear Program. The symposium will take place on 5-6 October 2021 in Warsaw. It is organized by the Polish Chamber of Power Industry and Environmental Protection.

The unique event aims to present information on the possibilities of supplying equipment and services, take a note of technical and commercial criteria that will be implemented in the supply chain for the construction of a nuclear power plant based on the AP1000® technology. These activities are carried out in support of the assumptions included in the Polish Nuclear Programme.

The symposium will provide an excellent opportunity for potential suppliers to learn about the exceptionnel and reliable AP1000® technology and discuss the possibilities for the participation in the supply chain of both Westinghouse and Bechtel.