Gryf Gospodarczy 2021

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DATE 05/11/2021

We are pleased to announce that EURO-WELD has received an award in the category „Investment Leader” in the Pomeranian region, in the subcategory of small and micro enterprises.

The Gala took place in Gdańsk in Baltic Opera, where again solemnly and personally the best Pomeranian entrepreneurs have received the prestigious statuettes.

This award is special. You can’t buy it, you can’t „sign up for it”, you have to work for it – All good things that happened in Pomerania, happened thanks to entrepreneurs. Thanks to their persistence, resourcefulness and hard work, not… cunning. They are the ones who create jobs, they feed the budget. They are the ones who maintain the so-called white collars, i.e. the administration, to which I also belong. They should be thanked, they should be appreciated – said Mieczyslaw Struk, Marshal of Pomeranian Voivodeship.

The finalists were selected by the competition committee from among 67 entrepreneurs who entered the competition. The competition has been organized continuously since 2000, and the „Griffin” statuette has become one of the most valued regional economic awards granted by economic organizations represented in the Pomeranian Enterprise Council. The substantive partner of the competition is one of the world’s leading consulting companies PwC, which prepared recommendations for the jury.