Forbes’ Family Business Gala

On the market since 2003.

DATE 16/09/2021

We are proud to announce our participation in the Forbes Gala in Gdansk dedicated to Most Valuable Polish Family Companies in the Pomerania and Warmian-Masurian.

EURO-WELD has been placed by the prestigious Forbes on the 17th position in Pomeranian region on the list of the Most Valuable Polish Family Companies with revenues under 100 million Polish Zloty.

The presence of our company on that ranking is a confirmation of our continuous growth, development and  strengthen the company’s position on the European market despite of Covid-19.

According to the Central Statistical Office, there are over 2 million family businesses in Poland. This corresponds to two out of three parts of the Polish small and medium-sized enterprise sector. At the same time, family businesses generate almost 75% of the Polish GDP. All together they provide more than 8 million jobs, which is almost half of all employed workers in the country.

In the last 25 years, several million family businesses have been established in Poland. Most of them have been forgotten. However, there are also those which have developed from small, garage-based family businesses into large and significant companies with a global reach.


Photos from Gala: Piotr Hukało