I Nuclear Power Industry Congress, Cracow, 12-13 September 2023

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DATE 10/09/2023

How to become a leader in the development of nuclear energy in the region?

Euro-Weld has the pleasure to announce its presence at the Nuclear Power Industry Congress, at AGH University – IT Solutions Centre in Cracow, Poland, on 12-13th of September 2023.

This is the first event in our country that will comprehensively present the current plans for the development of nuclear energy in Poland, both in terms of large-scale projects and MMR/SMRs, and the benefits of these projects for the Polish energy industry (business).

The goal of the Congress will be to discuss as well the main issues regarding all aspects of supporting Polish companies, including Euro-Weld, in the implementation of nuclear energy projects in Poland.

The idea of the Congress is also to learn how nuclear energy and the Polish Nuclear Energy Program (PPEJ) can contribute to the implementation of the governmental PEP2040 goals, including the planned energy transformation in Poland, as an effective way to decarbonize energy supplies in the national power system.

By the end of the first day, all participants will meet for networking at Crystal Palace in the marvellous old town in Cracow.